Zipser is VP at Constitutional Rights Foundation, Orange County

Dean Zipser recently stepped into the role of Vice President at Constitutional Rights Foundation, Orange County (CRF-OC) and is in line to become President of CRF-OC in June 2017.  UZ’s Adina Stowell, who was President in 2014/2015 remains on the CRF-OC board.  Adina and Dean have been on the CRF-OC Board since 2006 and 2007, respectively.  For more about Adina’s term as President see our previous post: U/Z’s Adina Stowell and CRF-OC: Helping to Fuel Civic Engagement.

CRF-OC is a non-profit, non-partisan education organization dedicated to empowering Orange County youth to be active, responsible citizens.  For over 35 years, CRF-OC has been the only provider of high-quality, interactive civic and law-related education programs to all high school students in Orange County, regardless of ability to pay. CRF-OC’s programs include Mock Trial and Peer Court, as well as Law Day, Constitution Day and Career Forum conferences. These programs and conferences serve nearly 10,000 local teens and adult volunteers each year.