Umberg/Zipser LLP partner, Vikki Vander Woude Authored An Article For OC Lawyer

Umberg/Zipser LLP partner, Vikki Vander Woude, recently authored an article for the Orange County Lawyer Magazine, published by the Orange County Bar Association (OCBA), entitled “NFTs, the Blockchain and Why We Should Care.” In the article, Vikki and her co-author, Carolyn Tan, explain the basics of Web3 and blockchain technology and the many evolving and related legal issues.


Vikki practices complex business litigation and ADR in California. She also represents businesses as outside counsel, assisting with oversight of legal matters and navigating the many legal issues involved in new and evolving technologies. Vikki is a member of the Web3 community, an avid collector of digital art and other collectibles, and she is a frequent speaker and writer on a broad range of topics involving NFTs/digital assets. Vikki can be reached at