Umberg/Zipser Attorneys Featured Prominently at OCBA Judges’ Night

Umberg/Zipser proudly sponsored and supported 2018 Judges’ Night & Annual Meeting hosted by the Orange County Bar Association (OCBA) on Thursday, January 18, 2018 in Irvine.  This event featured the installation of Nikki P. Miliband, Esq. as 2018 OCBA President, the installation of the OCBA Officers and Directors and the OCBA Charitable Fund Directors, and the presentation of the Franklin G. West Award, the highest honor bestowed by the OCBA.

The firm’s attorneys have decades of service to the OCBA, and the most recent Judges’ Night was an example.  U/Z’s Scott Garner was sworn in as the 2018 OCBA Treasurer and a board member of the Charitable Fund, and Mei Tsang was sworn in as a board member of both the OCBA and the Charitable Fund.

U/Z’s co-founding partner Dean Zipser, a former OCBA President and the 2017 recipient of the Franklin G. West Award, spoke at the event. In addition, Zipser recently co-authored the OCBA article: January 2018 Cover Story – Nikki Presley Miliband: We’re Not Returning to Sender!, highlighting the accomplishments of the newly appointed OCBA president, Nikki Presley Miliband. Click here to read the full article.


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