Partner Mei Tsang Becomes Secretary of Community Legal Aid SoCal

Mei Tsang

Umberg/Zipser LLP (U/Z) is pleased to announce that partner Mei Tsang has been appointed Secretary of Community Legal Aid SoCal for the 2021/2022 term.

Mei stated, “I am honored serve as Secretary for Community Legal Aid SoCal, and I look forward to furthering the organization’s mission of promoting equal access to the justice system through advocacy, self-help services, community education, legal counseling and representation.”

U/Z has an unmatched commitment to the Southern California legal community and the profession. Mei’s dedication reflects the firm’s core value of giving back.

Community Legal Aid SoCal provides support and services to help people who are struggling with civil legal issues. Representatives address a wide variety of legal challenges, and the organization provides free, high-quality civil legal services to society’s most vulnerable members, whose human rights and basic needs are jeopardized and for whom significant barriers to justice exist. Workshops and clinics have helped thousands of residents with difficult situations.

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